The secret behind Standard Industrial’s 3-Point Gibbing / Guidance Hydraulic Press Brake System

One of the primary advantages of the Standard Industrial Press Brake drive system is its ability to apply force without creating excessive side loads, a feature that is especially critical for large complex projects.  Standard Industrial uses a 3 point ram guidance/ gibbing system to provide full tonnage across the bed and ram.  The press brake drive system prevents excessive sideloads because all forces are vertical above the ram centerline contained within the heavy-duty “box” structure. Therefore Standard Industrial hydraulic presses can handle applications that need a large amount of force in a wide variety of operations.

Take a look inside Standard Industrial’s structure that houses the drive system, and an impressive 3 point ram guidance/ gibbing system.

The precision machined set of “ways” combined with heavy-duty slides control the front to back forces. These ways and guides are at the front and back of the ram. The third set of the gib guided system is center thrust, innovative, and very powerful. This gib guided system is self-aligning and requires no operator action during ram alignment. The three sets of Gibbs control the front to back and left to the right forces. As a result, the system provides precision +, -.001″ ram repeatability.

Standard Industrial Ram Guide

Standard Industrial press brakes are ideal for both large and complex applications.


  • Full-Length Bends are needed where applications require an enormous tonnage across the bed for the truest bends
  • Center Loading occurs when any amount of tonnage is needed for the center or anywhere across the bed
  • Off-Center Loading is applied when needing substantial force near the ends of the brake
  • Punching applications are used for punching alone or in combination with forming.
  • Multiple Die Set-Ups are across the bed and require the same or varying amounts of tonnage
  • Short Piece Work that has fast ram speeds, and is done quickly, efficiently with precision.

Standard Options include both One and Two-Cylinder Press Brake Systems.



The single-cylinder hydra-mechanical drive system is the only system that provides full tonnage across the entire length of the bed and ram. Two-cylinder drive systems cannot offer full tonnage across the bed because each cylinder only generates just over 1/2 of the machine’s overall tonnage.

One Cylinder Press Brake


As an application gets further away from the center of the bed, it generates less tonnage. For this reason, most two-cylinder machines require crowning units to compensate for this lack of tonnage. Otherwise, they open up their v die openings beyond the industry standard widths since their machines do not have the proper tonnage.

Two Cylinder Press Brake

Optional Crowning

A crowning unit may be desirable with specific applications. For example, this might include multiple die sets utilized in one stroke or a larger brake forming a wide range of material.  Therefore Standard Industrial press brakes include optional Wila crowning.

  • Manual & Hand cranks with readers for speedy precision adjustment
  • CNC crowning units are programmed to adjust for every program
  • Optional clamps applied for four-way dies
  • Adjustment screws every 8″ as needed for variances in bed and fine adjustment
  • Built-in clamping bars which automatically center and align single v dies

Standard Industrial Press Brakes are “Made In The USA”

Standard Industrial is the only Press Brake Manufacturer that can claim its machines are “100% made in the USA,” and the company provides both off-the-shelf and fully customized press brakes that are unique to your application. The company specializes in 4-column, C-frame, and straight-side designs with capacities from 100 to 1,000 tons at forces up to 3,000 psi with optional up to 8 axis CNC control, including 2D and 3D graphics.

The Best Press Brake Warranty in the Industry

In a recent study on press brake warranties, Standard Industrial came out on top as the only manufacturer to offer a 5- year warranty on parts.  Standard Industrial Corporation offers an optional 7-Year Extended Warranty for Metal Fabrication Equipment, and you can’t find another manufacturer that comes close.

The Standard Industrial website answers questions about what is covered and what is needed to maintain the warranty.   No other site is as detailed in its description of the guarantee.   We feel the Standard Industrial warranty is comprehensive and worth considering. If you are ready to buy Industrial Standard Press Brakes Contact Automec at (781) 893-3403 for a consultation.



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