Senior Automec Engineer Reaches 37th Year with the Company

Then,1981  Now, 2018

Automec has several reasons to celebrate as the company moves into its 50th year in business in 2019. Its employees also celebrate anniversaries of their own. Automec’s Senior Engineer, Mike Brown, celebrated his 37th work anniversary this past month. Mike has been with Automec since 1981, 12 years after the company was founded. He started his career as an Engineer with a B.S. Degree in Electronic Engineering from Northeastern University.  Prior to Mike’s beginning at Automec, he worked at Distron, also located in Waltham, MA. Mike worked on many things including the development and testing of amplifiers used in the testing of seismic activity on the moon; measurement of torque and vibration on the propeller shaft on oil tankers and container ships; and designing circuits and boards for various applications. Mike was also part of the Nation Guard in the late 1950’s.

Over the course of his time at Automec he has helped design several controls we still carry today, including the CNC150/300 family of controls. Mike also worked on older controls, like the CNC 1000 and the Automec Squaregage®. Mike adds, “The CNC 1000 control’s ability has been upgraded to the CNC150/300 family of controls, which holds numerous jobs and currently the backbone of Automec today.”  The CNC 300 control is also used as the company’s base control for testing purposes.

Mike has big plans for his next steps.  He goal is to retire after 40 years at Automec.   Last month he celebrated his 50th Anniversary with his wife and family.

Mike states, “Watching the company grow as a whole over the years has been very moving. I wish them all the best in the years to come as Automec moves forward.” Mike also adds, “Automec is always improving and utilizing new technology to design and develop controls for the machine too industry.”

Automec salutes Mike in future endeavors.




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