Standard Industrial Press Brakes

Standard Industrial Press Brakes
Standard Industrial Press Brakes - 100% made in the USA

Standard Industrial Press Brake Applications

Full-Length Bends are needed where applications require an enormous tonnage across the bed for the truest bends

Standard Industrial press brakes have full tonnage throughout the stroke and the entire length of the bed and ram. Additionally, Standard Industrial press brakes have a repeatability advantage over dual cylinder brakes that require complicated hydraulic systems to balance their tonnage. Competitor press brakes need a vast amount of labor and parts over the life of the machine. Businesses pay exorbitant prices for the parts and labor that they can only get from that manufacturer.  Click here to learn the secret behind Standard Industrial’s 3-Point Gibbing / Guidance Hydraulic Press Brake System

Off-center loading when any amount of the brakes tonnage is needed across the bed

While most press brakes are designed for working in the center of the press.  Standard Industrial press brakes apply off-center loading when needing substantial force near the ends of the brake.

Center Loading occurs when any amount of tonnage is needed for the center or anywhere across the bed

Another version of the dual cylinder machine is the torque tube brake that has two cylinders generating half of the machines overall tonnage. Torque tube brakes do not generate full tonnage across the bed, they develop full tonnage in the center of the brake bed. The torque tube pulls tonnage from each cylinder which can cause distortion with off-center loading or full length bends.
When you have a Standard Industrial single cylinder brake there is no balancing act between cylinders and there are no expensive, complex hydraulic systems compensating for each cylinders weakness. One cylinder means full tonnage everywhere on the brake thus you can achieve a ram repeat accuracy of +/ ·.001″ no matter where you do your work.

Punching applications are used for punching alone or in combination with forming.

Punching applications are in one area or at varied locations across the bed. Each Standard Industrial press brake has a counter balance valve to allow the least shock to the hydraulic system.

Multiple Die Set-Ups are across the bed and require the same or varying amounts of tonnage

Whether your setup requires one or multiple die setups, Standard Industrial press brakes provide varying amounts of tonnage needed to make your project a success. 

Short Piece Work that has fast ram speeds, and is done quickly, efficiently with precision.

Any Size Facility will benefit from Standard Industrial Press Brakes.  Standard Industrial press brakes are ideal for price-conscious smaller facilities that do piece work up to the three shifts a day high.  Also, Standard Press brakes are suitable for product manufacturers that require dependable, low maintenance machines with readily available components and minimal downtime.  

Any Size Facility will benefit from Standard Industrial press brakes from the price conscious smaller facility that does piece by piece work up to the 3 shifts a day high production manufacturers that require dependable, low maintenance machines with readily available components for minimal downtime

Standard Industrial Press Brakes Have The Best Press Brake Warranty in the Industry

In a recent study on press brake warranties, Standard Industrial came out on top as the only manufacturer to offer a 5- year warranty on parts.  Standard Industrial Corporation offers an optional 7-Year Extended Warranty for Metal Fabrication Equipment, and you can’t find another manufacturer that comes close.

The Standard Industrial website answers questions about what is covered and what is needed to maintain the warranty.   No other site is as detailed in its description of the guarantee.   We feel the Standard Industrial warranty is comprehensive and worth considering. If you are ready to buy Industrial Standard Press Brakes Contact Automec at (781) 893-3403 for a consultation.  Below are Standard Industrial models and options from 100 to 1000 ton press brakes.  You are sure to find a solution that fits your business need. 


Every Standard Industrial machine includes a 5-year parts warranty. This warranty contains unlimited lifetime telephone support and a 5-year limited onsite labor warranty and a 1-year CNC/PLC Warranty.

During the first five years, after telephone troubleshooting has been fully exhausted, Standard Industrial provides onsite labor to take care of any unresolved issues. The warranty is based on three shifts a day and 24 hour days. Every machine is also eligible for an optional 7 Year Extended Warranty that extends the parts warranty by two years.

An in-line depth stop equips all standard press brakes.  Accurate mechanical limit switches control open height, speed change point, and a micrometer adjustment to achieve precision angles. This feature ensures NO downtime due to computer failure.  Not available with some CNC controls.

Heavy-duty lower beams are essential to any well-made press brake.  Standard brakes are equipped with a groove in the center of the bed to hold your American style tooling.  Standard is known for having the least amount of deflection of any press brake on the market.  A press brake with less deflection typically has a longer Tool & Machine Life.

Press Brakes include a two palm button pedestal control with a three-position footswitch.  This feature makes it possible for operators to use palm buttons during a fast approach and the footswitch during slow pressing speed.

Press brakes include a simple tonnage control system and gauge to pre-set tonnage as required.

  • Included on brakes up to 14’ are two heavy-duty 24” work support arms.
  • All 16’ and longer press brakes come with three arms.
  • Each arm bolts up to the front of the press brake bed.  Arms can slide left to right across the front edge of the bed with an optional t-slot.

An efficient manifold lube system equips press brakes and brings all lubrication points to one easily accessible area (except optional  Backgauge screws). This time-saving feature increases machine longevity and reduces maintenance.

Heavy-duty, spring-loaded die clamps allow for easy, quick die changes.  Our machines accept all American style standard and precision tooling. You can purchase press brakes with Wila (or equivalent.) style rapid change powered ram clamping systems and European clamping systems instead of the manual system.

This feature is for the realignment of dies and off-center loading applications. You can change levels as needed in seconds.  Our convenient ram level indicator shows the distance from the zero point (ram level). This feature is clear and easy to read.  Power tilting systems are also available with your order.


Standard’s warranty includes a 5-year limited onsite labor warranty and a 1-year CNC/PLC Warranty. This warranty contains unlimited lifetime telephone support at no charge.

If there is an issue during the first 5-years and telephone troubleshooting has been fully exhausted, Standard Industrial provides onsite labor to take care of the problem. This warranty is based on 3 shifts a day and 24 hour days. 

Extended Warranty

Standard Industrial Corp. provides an extended warranty that lengthens an existing 5-year parts warranty by 2 years.  This offer includes a:

  • 7-year parts warranty in lieu of standard 5-year parts warranty
  • 1-year PLC and CNC warranty
  • 5-year onsite limited labor warranty

If there is a problem, customers are required to help troubleshoot over the phone. Once troubleshooting has been exhausted, and the problem still cannot be diagnosed, Standard will send in a technician at no charge during the 5-year warranty.

  • Additional Pedestal and Footswitch Control: One pedestal and Footswitch control are standard on all press brakes. The option of adding other pedestals and footswitches makes it safe for up to (2) operators to run the machine at the same time.
  • Auto Return of Ram: Normal operation allows the ram to return after pedestal/footswitch is released. This option makes the ram return automatically once the cycle is complete, even if the footswitch is still depressed.
  • Decompression System— A Time-delay system required for bottoming applications
  • Low-Speed Retract— This slows the ram return speed considerably for extensive material handling. Typically for press brakes 400 tons and above with large flange work.
  • Power Ram Tilt — A manual ram tilt adjustment is standard on all press brakes and is sufficient for most customers, it is quick and easy and allows up to +,- 1/8” of the centerline. Optionally we can offer a powered system that tilts the ram +,- 3/8” of the centerline and is changed instantly at the push of a button Typically for larger press brakes.
  • Four Position In-Line Depth Stop — This feature is a Simple NON-COMPUTERIZED mechanical ram control that allows you to pre-set up to 4 different depths/angles from your pedestal via a selector switch.
  • INTERLOCKING PHYSICAL BARRIERS/CAGES: Heavy-duty, enclosed physical barriers prevent access to the rear brake. Interlocking gates will shut the machine down when opened.
  • LIGHT CURTAIN SAFETY BARRIER:  Protect your operators with an infra-red light curtain across the front of press brake and physical side barriers. Tapeswitch curtains are available as well as customer-preferred brands per special quote.  “Made in the U.S.A.”
  • LASER GUARDING SYSTEMS: State of the art laser systems wrap around punch to allow operator closer proximity to pinch-point and still be OSHA approved. We do not recommend laser guarding systems for punching/bottoming applications.
  • COMPLIANCE OPTIONS: U.L. Listing, C.S.A., and ZED compliance options are available. All parts on the machines are U.L. listed. Please contact the factory for additional compliance options.

Press brakes can be enhanced with high-speed hydraulics packages to increase productivity.  An oil cooler equips systems to maintain proper temperature and increase system longevity. Contact a representative for typical systems or customized systems with special needs.

An automatic lubrication system is an air-operated, timed system that automatically brings grease to all lubrication points (except backgauge screws). This option is an excellent feature for multiple shift operations.
A standard manifold centralized lubrication system is standard on all press brakes.

  • T-Slot across Front Edge of Bed: 5/8” t-slot across the front edge of the bed allow work support arms to slide left and right across the full length.
  • Gravity Stops for T-Slot Support Arms: Precision machined stops for t-slots allow the workpiece to slide over the top of the slide, but not backward.
  • 24”,36” or 48” Heavy Duty T-slot Support Arms:  Work support, bolt-down, arms with precision machined t-slotted bars to place gravity or other stops in front gauging. Available with an embedded scale. Each brake comes standard with two non-t-slotted work support arms.

Heavy-duty, quick-release style work support arms equipped with smooth transition rollers and precision machined ways. Multiple vertical and horizontal adjustments allow precision control. This system enables the operator to quickly move arms left/right/up/down for rapid set-up. The quick-change linear work support system arms are available in 24” and 36” lengths.

Controlled by a CNC controller, these heavy-duty material assists will rise and lower with the ram movement. Portable and precise, the circular arc of the arms will follow the part being formed. This system not only provides your operator with a level of assistance but the quality of bend will also benefit from this feature.

Durable and more economical than the CNC versions, these portable sheet followers hold up to 425 lbs and can be moved quickly and easily. Fully actuated by the press ram movement, this system requires no operator interaction. Made in the U.S.A.

  • 5” x 5” Removable Angle Flanges: Utilize your machine both as a press brake and as a press by extending the width of your bed by 10”x10’ long for wider press die configurations. With Standard’s ability to provide full tonnage across the bed you can use the machine in straight side and other press type applications.
  • Machining Only for Removable Flanges: When unsure what flange size is needed, you can choose to only get the bed and ram machined at the time of construction so the brake is prepared for your future flanges.
  • Permanent Bed and/or Ram Flanges: Choose from a wide variety of permanent bed and ram flanges to economically use a press brake for pressing applications.
  • Extra Open Height: Increases distance from the bottom of ram to top of bed. This feature does not automatically increase stroke.
  • Extra Stroke Length: Increases distance of down ram travel—Does not automatically increase open height.
  • Extra Throat Depth: Increases distance from the centerline of bed to gap/throat of the end of frame.
  • Horn Extensions: Lengthens bed and ram length without lengthening distance between housings.

Crowning is rarely needed because Standard Industrial has the ability to provide full tonnage across the entire length of the bed and because our machines have the least amount of deflection on the market.

Specific applications such as multiple die set used in one stroke, or a more significant brake forming a wide range of material, a crowning unit may be desirable.

All of our press brakes are available with Wila crowning units.

  • Manual & Hand cranks with readers for precision adjustment in seconds
  • CNC crowning units can be programmed to adjust for every program
  • Optional clamps for four-way dies
  • Adjustment screws every 8” for variances in bed and fine adjustment
  • Built-in clamping bars which automatically center and align single v dies
  • Precision ground tp +/-.0004” & hardened at wear points to Rockwell 60c
  • Punches and dies available for air and bottom bending
  • Segmented to allow for any length bending
  • American precision tooling can fit any American style tool holder
  • The essence of the Wila top tools is the Safety-Click® mechanism. This enables the vertical changeover of tool segments by simply clicking them in and out of the holder vertically. This gives you substantial time savings as well as a safety factor you will not find with any other tooling system.
  • Safety-Click button to snap tools in and out vertically in seconds
  • Punches automatically clamp, seat & align with ONE button
  • Both tooling and clamping are precision ground to +,- .0004”
  • Available with hydraulic and mechanical clamping for 5 to 10 times faster set-up than conventional clamping systems.
  • Clamping systems available for retro-fit in all Standard brakes
  • These are available manually or with a hydraulic power pack

Standard offers all designs and styles of tooling, including precision, non-precision American style, European, Four-way dies, hemming, offset, channel, curling, rocker, etc. Standard also provides custom made tooling for press brakes and press applications. No tooling comes standard on the press brake. Contact us today for all your tooling requirements. “Made in the U.S.A.”

  • Single V & Four Way Die Sets
  • Acute Die Sets
  • Adjustable Die Sets

Standard Industrial offers a wide variety of CNC gauging from the most basic single-line display, user-friendly controls to state of the art 2D and 3D modeling and all systems in between. No backgauge or CNC control comes standard with a press brake. Please refer to our separate CNC Controls and Gauging catalog for a complete line of systems.

CNC gauging available with:

  • Y Only (no X axis)
  • Y/X/R/Z1-Z2
  • Y/Z1-Z2/X1-X2/R1-R2
  • Y/X manual R/Z
  • Y/R/Z1-Z2/X-Prime
  • CNC Crowning + Peripherals
  • Y/X/R manual Z
  • Y/X/Z1-Z2/X1-X2


Model Shipping Weight Forming / Punching Bed/Ram Length Between Frames Open Height Stroke
AB100-6 12,000 lbs 100/66 Tons 6 ft 4′-5″ 13 in 6 in
AB100-8 15,000 lbs 100/66 Tons 8 ft 6′-5″ 13 in 6 in
AB100-10 19,000 lbs 100/66 Tons 10 ft 8′-5″ 13 in 6 in
AB100-12 21,000 lbs 100/66 Tons 12 ft 10′-5″ 13 in 6 in
AB100-14 26,000 lbs 100/66 Tons 14 ft 12′-5″ 13 in 6 in
AB100-16 32,000 lbs 100/66 Tons 16 ft 14′-5″ 13 in 6 in
AB100-20 50,000 lbs 100/66 Tons 20 ft 18′-5″ 13 in 6 in
AB150-8 19,000 Lbs 150/100 Tons 8 ft 6′-5″ 13 in 6 in
AB150-10 22,000 lbs 150/100 Tons 10 ft 8′-5″ 13 in 6 in
AB150-12 26,000 lbs 150/100 Tons 12 ft 10′-5″ 13 in 6 in
AB150-14 31,000 lbs 150/100 Tons 14 ft 12′-5″ 13 in 6 in
AB150-16 38,000 lbs 150/100 Tons 16 ft 14′-5″ 13 in 6 in
AB150-20 72,000 lbs 150/100 Tons 20 ft 18′-5″ 13 in 6 in
AB200-12 32,000 lbs 200/135 Tons 12 ft 10′-5″ 14 in 8 in
AB200-14 45,000 lbs 200/135 Tons 14 ft 12′-5″ 14 in 8 in
AB200-16 50,000 lbs 200/135 Tons 16 ft 14′-5″ 14 in 8 in
AB200-20 85,000 lbs 200/135 Tons 20 ft 18′-5″ 14 in 8 in

Model Shipping Weight Forming / Punching Bed/Ram Length Between Frames Open Height Stroke
AB250-12 40,000 lbs 250/165 Tons 12 ft 10′-5″ 16 in 8 in
AB250-14 50,000 lbs 250/165 Tons 14 ft 12′-5″ 16 in 8 in
AB250-16 56,000 lbs 250/165 Tons 16 ft 14′-5″ 16 in 8 in
AB250-20 85,000 lbs 250/165 Tons 20 ft 16′-5″ 16 in 8 in
AB325-12 49,000 lbs 325/215 Tons 12 ft 10′-5″ 16 in 8 in
AB325-14 60,000 lbs 325/215 Tons 14 ft 12′-5″ 16 in 8 in
AB325-16 66,000 lbs 325/215 Tons 16 ft 14′-5″ 16 in 8 in
AB325-20 100,000 Lbs 325/215 Tons 20 ft 16′-5″ 16 in 8 in
AB400-12 58,000 lbs 400/265 Tons 12 ft 10′-5″ 20 in 10 in
AB400-14 67,000 lbs 400/265 Tons 14 ft 12′-5″ 20 in 10 in
AB400-16 80,000 lbs 400/265 Tons 16 ft 14′-5″ 20 in 10 in
AB400-20 110,000 lbs 400/265 Tons 20 ft 16′-5″ 20 in 10 in

Model Shipping Weight Forming / Punching Bed/Ram Length Between Frames Open Height Stroke
AB500-12 70,000 lbs 500/300 Tons 12 ft 10′-5″ 10 in 6 in
AB500-14 80,000 lbs 500/300 Tons 14 ft 12′-5″ 10 in 6 in
AB500-16 87,000 lbs 500/300 Tons 16 ft 14′-5″ 10 in 6 in
AB500-20 129,000 lbs 500/300 Tons 20 ft 16′-5″ 10 in 6 in
AB600-12 87,000 lbs 600/400 Tons 12 ft 10′-5″ 10 in 6 in
AB600-14 97,000 lbs 600/400 Tons 14 ft 12′-5″ 10 in 6 in
AB600-16 108,000 lbs 600/400 Tons 16 ft 14′-5″ 10 in 6 in
AB600-20 150,000 Lbs 600/400 Tons 20 ft 16′-5″ 10 in 6 in
AB700-14 112,000 lbs 700/465 Tons 14 ft 12′-5″ 12 in 6 in
AB700-16 135,000 lbs 700/465 Tons 16 ft 14′-5″ 12 in 6 in
AB700-20 180,000 lbs 700/465 Tons 20 ft 16′-5″ 12 in 6 in
AB1000-14 160,000 lbs 1000/600 Tons 14 ft 12′-5″ 12 in 6 in
AB1000-16 170,000 lbs 1000/600 Tons 16 ft 14′-5″ 12 in 6 in
AB1000-20 195,000 lbs 1000/600 Tons 20 ft 16′-5″ 12 in 8 in


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