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The CoastOne RoboCone Electric Press Brake combines the capabilities of traditional press brakes with the precision and repeatability of industrial robots. The robot is programmed to load the press brake, accurately position the metal sheet, and then unload it once the bending process is complete. This automation reduces labor costs, minimizes the risk of human error, and increases productivity.

The integration of robotics with press brakes has proven to be a boon for small to medium-sized metal fabrication shops. By improving efficiency, reducing costs, and increasing precision, these machines are helping businesses of all sizes compete in today’s fast-paced manufacturing landscape.

CoastOne RoboCone Frequently Asked Questions

Small to medium-sized shops often deal with custom fabrication projects that require a variety of different parts. Robotic press brakes can be quickly reprogrammed to handle different tasks, making them ideal for custom jobs.

For limited production runs, robotic press brakes also offer a cost-effective solution. They eliminate the need for manual setup and operation, reducing labor costs and increasing efficiency.

See Automec's recent blog post for ideas about adding the CoastOne RoboCone to small and medium-sized metal fabrication shops.

The up-front costs of robotic integration can be high, but if your system utilization is high enough, you will realize a return on that initial investment before long. In some cases, robotic press brakes can reduce per-piece costs by almost half.

Robotic press brakes like the RoboCone can help a shop become productive and reduce expenses over time. An automated system delivers consistent output and can run at any time of the day. Therefore, they can produce parts for a steady order that provides a consistent revenue stream.

Robotic press brakes nearly eliminate scrap during production. They are also extremely reliable; if the system is installed and set up correctly, it will virtually eliminate downtime.

Setting up the RoboCone is easy because modern robotic press brake cells handle programming completely offline. There is no need to physically set up the bending of the first part. The software can calculate the path and also manages the dynamics of the part on the gripper. A robotic press brake requires little input from the operator and is much more flexible in handling different types of bending jobs.

Yes, the RoboCone is a proprietary robotic package, made only for use with CoastOne press brakes. 

No, the RoboCone is a complete robotic cell that is paired with the machine at the factory. Automec has an option to add a robotic interface package on pre-existing CoastOne machines, which would allow customers to add a third-party robot (cell or collaborative) to their existing machine.

Automec will train your operators to use the press brake and the robot on site at your location. We can also support you with ideas for fixturing and sequencing your robot.

The warranty on the RoboCone is generally one year from installation, though the details for the RoboCone system, including coverage and duration, are specific to each purchase and may vary.

CoastOne RoboCone Available from Automec

CoastOne RoboCone

The CoastOne RoboCone press brake, and similar machines, have significantly improved the efficiency, precision, and safety of shop operations.

Automec is proud to be a certified USA Dealer of CoastOne electric press brakes. If you are interested in learning more about the CoastOne RoboCone Press Brake, please contact us today. We would be happy to answer your questions and provide you with a quote.



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