squaregage plus front gauge control system

Squaregage Plus Front Gauge Control System Features:

  • All three drives can be programmed independently for angle cutting.
  • Slope angle can be programmed in degrees and the software will calculate the position of each drive unit.
  • Dimensions can be programmed in Absolute or Incremental for repeating dimensions or patterns.
  • All electronics housed in the compact display unit.
  • RS 232 interface with software included
  • In/mm conversion.
  • Parts counter • 300 job memory.
  • Job storage with up to 11-digit job number.
  • 10 cuts per job.
  • Jobs can be linked together for larger programs.

Front Gauge Control Material Savings

The sequential movement of SQUAREGAGE means different size blanks can be effectively sheared from a large blank to maximize material utilization.

Front Gauge for Shear material savings


  • Speed 600IPM
  • Repeatability ± .002˝
  • Accuracy ± .005˝
  • Sheet Capacity 4´ x 10´ x 3/8˝ CRS
  • Holding Force 200 lbs. per drive
  • Input Power 115VAC ± 10%
  • Operating Temperature 32°F-120°F
  • Resolution .001˝
  • Gauge Delay Up to 9 Seconds
  • Inch/mm Conversion Yes
  • Gauge Range 72˝, 120˝ or 144˝


A bi-directional 2-way communication system for uploading and downloading Automec gauging systems.

  • Offers large storage capacity for cut sequences.
  • Reduces operator programming time.
  • Reduces errors caused by manual data input.
  • Provides output of job sequence to aid the operator.
  • Provides listing of all jobs in computer memory.





CNC SQUAREGAGE is a precision front gauging system for power shears consisting of a digital control and 1, 2 or 3 mechanical drive units depending on the application. Each drive unit has a DC motor, amplifier, and encoder which permits independent movement. The drives are spaced so that the operator can stand between them and manually reposition the workpiece. A removable squaring arm is located atop one of the drives. The most popular and efficient front gauge system consists of a 10´ or 12´ squaring arm and two auxiliary 6´ drives.


The key design element of SQUAREGAGE is flexibility. In reviewing market applications we found narrow strips are probably best done on a backgauge but when parts are 20˝ by 20˝ and larger, the backgauge is often ineffective due to sheet sag and squaring requirements. SQUAREGAGE complements the existing backgauge by adding a new dimension to your shear. Once installed you will find the bulk of your shearing requirements will be shifted over to the SQUAREGAGE as it reduces handling and increases productivity.

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Squaregage frontgauge mechanical


Heavy Duty Mechanical Structure


Each drive is built around a heavy-duty extrusion that runs the full length of each drive. Support legs are connected directly to this extrusion to bear all weight. A 1/8˝ thick steel enclosure is added for additional strength.

Gauge stops located on 24˝ centers travel 24˝ front to rear in unison. This yields a total gauging range of 72˝, 120˝ or 144˝ with the operator selecting the proper stop. The indicator on the display panel designates which stop to use depending on the dimension programmed. Air finger option elevates only the correct finger. Heavy duty fingers require table slot clearance of 1-1/8˝ wide by 1-1/8˝ high. Table must be 2-3/8˝ minimum thickness to machine these slots.




frontgauge system


Studies show that the majority of shearing time is consumed in setup…not shearing. SQUAREGAGE reduces that set-up time and increases shear productivity, especially when accurate square blanks are required. Several cuts can be made on the same blank without putting the piece down. SQUAREGAGE rapidly repositions after each shear cycle with the operator holding the part against the front stops and/or squaring the arm. Oftentimes, the finished blank remains in hand to reduce retrieval time and eliminate material scratching. Some customers simply use SQUAREGAGE as a go-to gauge for single position cuts.

Let’s get started saving money and time on shearing. Contact Automec, Inc. 781-893-3403 Dial 1 and put a Squaregage front gauge control system in your shop.


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