CoastOne C9

Servo-Electric Press Brakes Penetrating the American Market


Automec, Inc. is now a Certified USA Dealer of CoastOne servo-electric press brakes. Automec handles sales and service for customers in the U.S, as they have been with their backgauge systems for the last 47 years. Servo-electric press brakes are becoming the future in press brake technology. By the term, “servo-electric,” it may seem hard to believe that these machines conserve more electricity than traditional press brakes. However, CoastOne servo-electric press brakes are not running hydraulic pumps and heating fluids all day. These press brakes only use energy when in motion and conserve the energy otherwise.


The technology behind the CoastOne press brake is the “direct-drive system,” which uses servo motors directly tied to ball screws to administer force. Because of the “direct-drive system,” the ram monitors encoders on each drive, as opposed to only monitoring linear scales on the sides (as many competitors do). This in turn offers an outrageous accuracy of 0.000079 inches! While some customers do not have extremely tight tolerances, “it’s better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.”–If the price is right, how can you ignore that moto? Automec’s price IS RIGHT. Starting at $65,000.00 you can invest in one of these ergonomic, fast and accurate machines!





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