CoastOne TapOne Sheet Metal Tapping Machines

Coastone Sheet Metal Tapping Machines

Sheet Metal Tapping Machines

The CoastOne TapOne series is a new generation of CNC sheet metal tapping machines.

Machine threads in sheet metal parts are usually cut with simple manual drilling machines or integrated with a punching or punch/laser machine. The manual operations, with simple drilling machines or drilling equipment (balancers), is slow, have quality constraints and are not cost effective. The tapping in the punching machine is done with either the autoindex or an additional tapping unit. Disadvantages in the traditional approach are process reliability, high cost, and a slow tapping process.

TapOne series by CoastOne has transformed the sheet metal tapping machine industry.

Learn how CoastOne’sTapOne series can help your company improve productivity, production quality and affordability for your sheet metal tapping operations.  With a dedicated Tapping machine, the thread in a sheet metal part is made automatically, reliable and fast. The TapOne has a big range for tap diameters, tap types, and thickness of the parts. Easy programming, easy process control, and less wrong thread mistakes.

TapOne Features and benefits include:

Sheet Metal Threading:

  • CNC machine optimized for threading in sheet metal parts. – Threads in sizes up to M8 (10) are cut or shaped automatically, quickly and reliably; in sheets up to 10 mm thick, on both sides; in flat parts or in bent parts. Parts are individually clamped or held in templates. Programming is easy and the process is monitored.
  • Optimal threading process – TapOne can use forming and cutting taps for different needs and the chips move automatically, through the chip chute out of the machine. With the TapOne’s you keep the chips and the lubrication oil out of your expensive and delicate punch (laser) machines. Through the control of the motor, the resistance from the taping process can be controlled.

Tapping Machine Control

  • Direct thread spindle control– Tapping is done by a controlled CNC with interpolation between the feed and rpm axis.
  • Optimal cutting process – Fully CNC-controlled working process with programmable mist lubrication. Synchronization of the U / Z axis gives high process dynamics and eliminates axial forces (better thread quality, longer tool life, higher reliability)
  • Control and Programming – The Omron 4-axis CNC control with UIZ axis synchronization is reliable and easy to use. Programming is done via the post processor or on the machine. The mobile control panel gives more ergonomics to the large machines.

Cost, Performance, and Flexibility

  • Low maintenance costs – CNC servo technology with ball screws saves energy and requires little maintenance.
  • High performance and flexibility – Up to 60 threads per minute and flexibility in all directions: parts, thread size, working speed, easy operation, reliable processes. Additional possibilities for lowering, deburring and boring. A high production machine with little maintenance requirements.

TapOne CNC sheet metal tapping machine product options:

TapOne is an efficient alternative between the manual way and the integrated way. The TapOne Series are specialized 4-axis CNC-machines, to make threads in a reliable and efficient way.  Different models are for different needs in part sizes, flexibility, and performance

TapOne 700 Tapping Machine Model – An excellent small Tapping machine and an affordable solution for sheet metal tapping.

  • It is a small tapping machine with a working range of 700 x 580 mm with a thread range up to M8.  Therefore it is an excellent machine for small and middle-sized parts.
  • The TapOne automatic threaders are 4-axis CNC machines that specialize in the efficient and reliable production of threads in sheet metal parts.
  • In the gantry concept, the parts are not moved and the light spindle moves with high positioning speeds.
  • The machine has one spindle, with a manual quick change for different tap sizes (forming taps).
  • The low investment level for the TapOne 700 makes it interesting, to use the machine in cells, where the operator makes the treads in the unproductive time almost “free of charge

The TapOne 1500 Tapping Machine Model – Full Range Hybrid Machine

  • TapOne 1500 is a full range tapping machine, able to load full-size big format sheet on the table (1500x 1500 mm).
  • This is a hybrid tapping machine with sheet movement in X-axis; Y and Z axis are moving on a bridge.
  • There are 3 spindles for different threads; each one with own programmable speed.
  • Big parts, small parts, big threads (max M10), small threads, thin parts, thick parts (up to 1OOkg).
  • All type of taps, easy lubrication, and easy chip removal through chip chute.
  • Controlled by Touch Screen.
  • The parts are firmly secured.
  • The lightweight spindle moves on a boom with high positioning speed and has a manual quick-change chuck; Tool change is easy and fast.
  • The low investment and small size make the machine ideal for use in cells: threads are made in off-peak time; Parts come out of the cell

TapOne tapping machine models 1010/ l212 / XL

TapOne models 1010/ l212 / XL are high-performance threading machines with working ranges l000mm x l000mm and 1250mm x 1250mm, for threading up to M10.

  • The gantry design allows a high dynamic.
  • XL are special sizes upon request.
  • The parts are firmly secured.
  • The spindle head makes up to 60 threads per minute, with a tool change time of zero.

Watch the CoastOne TapOne Tapping Machine Video

Technical Data for TapOne CNC sheet metal tapping machines.

Tap diameter range mm M2.5 - M8 M2.5 - M10
Taps/min (MS, pith 20 mm) 60 50
Tapping spindles 1 3
X-axis mm 700 1500
Y-axis mm 580 1500 (1290)
Z-axis mm 60 120
X-axis speed mm/s 800 800
Y-axis speed mm/s 800 800
Z-axis speed mm/s 300 300
Spindel speed U axis rpm 0...2000 0...2000
Tapping principle CNC {U,Z, interpol.} CNC (U,Z, interpol.)
Positioning accuracy (X, Y) mm +/-0.05 +/-0.05
Tap type forming forming/cutting
Oil spray lubrication programmable programmable
Chip chute not available included
Table brush brush
max table load kg 35 100
Table height mm 900 900
Power consumption kW 1 1,5
Power connection 400V/16A 400V/16A
Air pressure bar 6 6
Dimensions LxWxH cm 870x156x135 258x227x165
Weight kg 350 800
Control Omron Omron
Control touch screen touch screen
Jetcam Programing option option
Network connection (Option) included included
Z-axis accuracy mm +/-0.5 +/-0.5
Z-axis stroke mm 120 to 1100 120-1400
Table Plugin


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