Coastone Bull Series Electric Press Brakes – Big Power without Compromise

Coastone Bull Series Press BrakeThe Coastone Bull Series Press Brake is Raw Power with Unmatched Precision

Built in Finland, home of Europe’s highest quality machine exports.   These machines are all electric, servo-driven and built to run for decades in the most demanding environments.

  • All Servo Electric
  • Accurate
  • Ergonomic
  • Ecologically FriendlyCone Bull Series Press Brake
  • Low Operating Costs

Thanks to the simple drive system, the average power consumption of the Bull Series is only 1-3kW.  The absence of hydraulic fluid changes, spare parts, valves and maintenance expenses, common to hydraulic press brakes.

O-frame Construction

The closed O-frame construction is designed for high tonnage press brakes.  Unlike C-frames, O-frames have less vertical and horizontal deflecting.  That means less weight, better accuracy and a small footprint with big power.

Environmentally-Friendly Servo Technology

Compared to outdated hydraulic systems, Coastone’s environmentally-friendly servo technology requires minimal maintenance and combined with our ball screw system delivers superior power and accuracy.

electric press brake ball screw system

High precision O-frame with Taylor made ball screws makes Bull-series superior solution for high accuracy bending works. Bull series press brakes are an optimal solution with a small footprint and high tonnage.  A return on your investment comes together nicely when you can take on big jobs with a lot of power, with less space and overhead.


Coastone Bull Series Press Brake Specifications and Technical Data:

Technical Data DIM Bull 12 Bull 15
Press Tonnage kN(US tons) 1000(110) 1500(160)
Motor power kW 2X5 3X5
Max. bending length (D) mm 1320 1620
Distance between side frames mm 1390 1690
Frame width (A) mm 2200 2500
Frame height (B) mm 2650 2950
Frame depth (C) mm 1760 1760
Throat depth mm O-frame O-frame
Table height mm 900 900
Weight kg 4500 5500
Daylight mm 600 600
Y-axis stroke mm 250 250
Y-axis repeating accuracy mm +/- 0.002 +/- 0.002
Y-axis max. working speed mm/s 10(20*) 10(20*)
Y-axis approach speed mm/s 40 40
Y-axis return speed mm/s 40 40
X-axis speed mm/s 500 500
X-axis accuracy mm +/-0.025 +/-0.025
X-axis stroke mm 600 600
X-axis max. position dimension mm 750 750
Delta X-axis speed mm/s 100 100
Delta X-axis accuracy mm +/-0.025 +/-0.025
Delta X-Axis stroke mm +/-50 +/-50
R-axis speed nn/s 100 100
R-axis accuracy mm +/-0.05 +/-0.05
R-axis stroke mm 200 200
Z-axis speed mm/s 1000 1000
Z-axis accuracy mm +/-0.5 +/-0.5
Z-axis stroke mm 120 to 1100 120-1400
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