The PS 50 Autofeed Hydraulic Shear Machine can dynamically increase the productivity of your shearing, punch press or stamping operation.
Punching, Shearing & Stamping Machine

Create the perfect Hydraulic Shear Machine for your shop!

The operator simply loads a blank onto PS 50, locks it in place with pneumatic grippers, and sets the feed in motion which automatically triggers the shearing, stamping or punching machine production.

PS 50 Autofeed Hydraulic Shear Machine utilizes the CNC300 Automec backgauge control.

Shearing & punching machine control

It features 300 job storage, shop-rugged LED display and an RS232 computer interface


No programming or tape prep experience is required. The Hydraulic Shear Machine operator simply enters a load position and desired punch or shear dimensions. Once the advance key is depressed the blank is moved into position for the first operation and the shear or punch machine is activated. When the ram reaches top of stroke the PS 50 advances the material to the next step until the piece is complete. It then returns the grippers to the load position for unloading and loading of the next piece.


The shearing or punching machine operator’s hands are kept free of the punch or shear and reduced handling of material reduces the chance of injury.


Gauging from the front of the device using one reference point on the work-piece eliminates cumulative tolerance buildup experienced with backgauging. All dimensions will tolerance within + /- .002” of the original reference.


The key to a reshearing operation lies in (2) 1/8” punched holes that you program into the cnc punch press program a specified distance from your punched pattern. When loading to the PS 50, these (2) holes provide an accurate reference to the punched pattern so that shear cuts are precisely registered and operator error is eliminated. This method is more efficient than shaker parts for the following reasons.

  1. Straight line cuts are better done on a shear than a punch as nibble marks are eliminated.
  2. Deburring of edges is significantly reduced.
  3. Premature shaking apart is eliminated.
  4. CNC punch time is transferred to the less costly to operate PS 50 shearing machine. Usually, a single operator can be assigned to a cell so that the shear is parting out the multiple parts while the CNC punch is creating the next punched blank.
  5. Parts can be grouped closer on the blank so that the leading edge of one row can be the trailing edge of the next. This means extra row of parts can often be added to blanks to reduce scrap.


Another application for PS 50 is fast, accurate blanking of multiple pieces from a large sheet. The operator handles the piece only once and need not worry about hitting a backgauge accurately on each cut. In this case, reference holes are not required.


An RS232 I/O with software is included. Jobs can be uploaded, downloaded, programmed and stored at your P.C.

Shear or Punch Control Computer Interface
Rugged 1 1/8” dual ball screws and (4) 3/4” shafts handle the sheet movement. A 1000 watt closed loop D.C. servo motor/amplifier drives the system with speed and precision. Travel is 50”
Side-to-side adjustable pneumatic fingers grip
Side-to-side adjustable pneumatic fingers grip the workpiece for feeding. Grippers can be placed up to 8 ft. apart and travel up to 50” front to rear. Grippers can move to within 1” of the punch or shear blade. 1/8” dia. Pins on each gripper fit into a corresponding hole on the blank for accurate referencing.


Are you ready to improve safety, accuracy, and productivity with the PS 50 AUTOFEED CNC Hydraulic Shear Machine?

Contact Automec at 781-893-3403 or your local distributor to get more information on how we can increase the productivity of your shearing operation.


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