CoastOne Press Brake

Using the CoastOne Press Brake Control

How do I set up and operate the CoastOne press brake control system and machine? The CoastOne Press Brake is controlled via the touch screen Home page that displays when you power up the machine. Here is the Home page for the TC15-2D – Cone C-Series control:   From here setup and operation can be

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CoastOne Safety Features and Procedures

CoastOne Safety Features, operating procedures, and battery replacement

Safety is a number one priority when it comes to CoastOne Electric Press Brakes both before and after your purchase. This blog post focuses on CoastOne electric press brake safety features, operator tips and frequently asked questions involving the maintenance and operation of your press brake. What safety features does the CoastOne Press Brake system

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Cone Press Brake G30

The top 10 reasons to buy an electric press brake.

When a company is in the market for an electric or hydraulic press brake, decision-makers could be wondering which one is best for them. As a result, they might assign the task of procuring a press brake to an operations manager or a financial planner. Therefore, if an operations manager is in the market for

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