Automec Goes Green with Lighting Project

Automec, Inc. recently completed a large building project to the Automec office and manufacturing building. Automec partnered with company Oberon LED Lighting out of New York to reduce the energy used on lights in the office and back of the house. Joe Ruisi, Automec’s Facilities Manager, conducted the project. Joe was in charge of making sure everyone was on board with the project and working spaces were safely cleaned up after install. Ruisi also made sure the disposal of the florescent lights were properly taken care of.  The purpose of this LED lighting project was to reduce the amount of energy used over the course of a work day, and of course to help the environment. With over 230 fixtures being replaced and 800 lights in all, this project was completed in a timely fashion of only 2 weeks. Each employee now has a brighter work space and everyone is taking their part in going green. In the long run, Joe states, “These LED Lights will last over 20 years, now its time to move onto another project”.



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