ALLSTEEL press brakes and Automec’s CNC 150 controls are a powerful combination

ALLSTEEL has delivered on 60 Years of exceptional press brakes and extraordinary service.   ALLSTEEL press brakes feature full tonnage over a long variable stroke with adjustable pressing speed and combine this with precise and parallel bottoming. The ALLSTEEL line of press brakes is of up-to-date construction and design with 60 years of production-proven reliability.

ALLSTEEL Combined Mechanical and Hydraulic Technology into Hydro-Mechanical Press Brakes

Alone, ALLSTEEL press brakes stand for quality thanks to its patented mechanical linkage system. This press brake technology allows ALLSTEEL to combine mechanical and hydraulic press brakes into one machine, achieving parallel ram movement regardless of off-center loading without complex hydraulic balancing systems.


This mechanical linkage results in complete overload protection preventing jamming or damage caused by bottoming. The ALLSTEEL design innovation also reduces shock loads created from punching, blanking, embossing, and similar operations. With their fast return speed and variable pressing speeds, the ALLSTEEL press brake product is ideal for small jobs and heavy-duty industrial pressing.

The ALLSTEEL system provides full tonnage across the ram, with parallel ram movement with the bed.  ALLSTEEL’s application of ram drive links mounted inboard of the frame reduces the distance between load points, thereby increasing ram stiffness, minimizing deflection, even under extreme on or off-center loading conditions.

The ALLSTEEL hydro-mechanical press brake features heavy-load production with continued accuracy and operator convenience. The rigid, massive section steel frame, ram, and bed give minimum deflection under load.


  • Complete overload protection prevents jamming or damage by bottoming.
  • Machine Safety with foot switch remote control or palm safety buttons, allowing instant starts, stops, and precise inching without operator fatigue.
  • Electrical control system’s mode selector switch has several modes including Off / set / jog / run / single 
  • Push-button returns the ram from any stroke position.
  • Die rail centering clamp blocks.
  • Die hangers facilitate the turning of heavy multi dies.
  • Extra-long ram guides with adjustment screws allowing back to front and left to right adjustment. This feature increases the accuracy and the life of your machine.
  • Hardened and ground ways provide durability for long-life Operations.
  • Ram guides lined with a nonmetallic oil. This feature provides long-lasting score proof sliding surfaces.
  • The bed can be easily tilted from the front of the machine, allowing fade out work. The tilting of bed instead of ram eliminates side loads on ram guides.
  • Die rail with groove, die retainer screws, sectional spring open die clamps, hardened clamping bolts, and wrench.
  • Micro-adjustable back gauges that are sturdy and fast setting.


ALL STEEL Press Brake Specifications

AllSteel press brake specifications

ALLSTEEL added Automec’s CNC 150 Control as an affordable option to improve press brake productivity

Automec, Inc has achieved 50 years of press brake retrofit experience, including upgrades, re-programming software, and computer controls. The benefits of which result in improved accuracy, increased production speeds, efficiency, and cost savings.  

By combining Automec’s CNC 150 and ALLSTEEL press brakes, customers can reduce the number of required press bakes machine operators since one skilled operator can run several machines at once. As a result, ALLSTEEL press brakes are more accurate in reducing the manufacturing process’s errors while eliminating unnecessary waste.  

AllSteel press brake specifications



  • The CNC 150 has 150 job memory storage with up to 20 bends per job. 
  • Control the backgauge, ram depth, and gauge bar height of each bend.
  • On 2-Axis hydraulic brakes, backgauge retract on pinch point allows you to program the backgauge to retract to clear reverse bends after pinching the workpiece. 
  • The retract/delay feature allows for backguage programming to retract from the die for a specified time and distance, allowing the operator time to reposition the workpiece. 
  • Electronics are housed in one control panel with an easy to read LED. 
  • High-feedback tactile feel pushbuttons  
  • Parts counter that keeps track of total parts formed 
  • Each job can be programmed with a ram offset ± .393” and bend allowance of ± .393″
  • The CNC 150 backgauge control system comes with a two-year warranty.

CNC 150 Backgauge Control Specifications

  • 11-digit part storage
  • 150 jobs (00 to 150)
  • 20 bends per job
  • Programming delay/retract between bends (0 – 9 seconds)
  • Bend allowance ± .393”
  • Incrementally change dimensions with a calculator.
  • Parts counter
  • 1, 2, or 3 axis
  • .001” resolution
  • Red L.E.D. display
  • IN/MM conversion
  • Membrane Keyboard
  • 30-day battery back up
  • Input power – 115 VAC ± 10% 50/60 HZ, 1A MAX (Control)
  • 2-year warranty

Used or new, adding ALLSTEEL press brakes and an Automec CNC 150 to your manufacturing can increase the return on your investment. If you are still working with manual machining, Automec can improve accuracy, increased production speeds, enhanced safety, increased efficiency, and, most of all, cost savings by retrofitting your Press brake.  

Contact an Automec account representative today at (781) 893-3403 to modernize your ALLSTEEL press brake with a CNC 150 control system. 



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